The products shown below are designed and approved for general petroleum applications including bulk transport and unloading, and hydraulic applications. Our petroleum and hydraulic coupling products include hose couplings, dry disconnect and loading products, valves and safety accessories. Many of these products can also be used in water and fluid transport applications. Please contact us to discuss what products are approved for your specific application.

Hose Connections:

Cam & Groove Couplings EZLink™ Cam & Groove


Vent-Lock Cam Lock Coupling
Vent-Lock™ Cam & Groove Crimp Style Hose Couplings


Couplings and Loading /Transfer Products:

API Couplers and Adapters
Dry Disconnect Bayonet Couplings
Dry Break Cam & Groove Couplings
Dry Disconnect Mann Tek Couplings
Dixon Loading Arms
Hammer Unions
Hose Choker Cable Restraints
Hose Whip Stop Safety Restraints
Hydraulic Quick Connect Couplings
Nylon Hose Safety Restraints
Nylon Hose Protection Sleeve
Railcar Unloading Assemblies
Safety Break-Away Couplings
Split Flange Swivels
TTMA Loading Arm Swivels

EZLink and Vent-Lock are a trademark of Dixon Valve and Coupling Company, all rights reserved