Discharge Hoses are designed for positive pressure fluid service and open ended drainage. These hoses typically do not have a spiral-helix reinforcement. Capital Rubber discharge hose products are offered in a range of styles from PVC Lay-flat hose to abrasion resistant lined rubber hose. Discharge hose products roll up flat in most styles for convenient storage and handling. Suction Hose products can also be used in many discharge applications where a non-collapsible hose is desired.

Pump Discharge Hose AssembliesDischarge Hose Product Menu:

7801 – PVC Discharge Hose (Blue)

7801R – Heavy Duty PVC Discharge Hose (Red)

3200 – Mill Discharge Hose – Single Jacket

3220 – Mill Discharge Hose – Double Jacket

5800 – Elephant Trunk Hose

9801 – Rubber Water Discharge Hose

9821 – Nitrile Rubber Discharge Hose

Bulk Material Suction and Discharge Hose


Discharge Hose Product Guide