The products shown below are designed and approved for general fluid and water transfer applications. Our water coupling products include hose couplings, adapters, clamps, valves and accessories. These products are not suited for air or gas service unless they are also posted in the Air Service Menu. Unless specified, products are not approved for NSF, FDA or potable water applications. Contact us for high purity applications.

Hose Connections:
Ball & Socket Couplings
Boss Ground Joint Couplings
Cam & Groove Couplings
Industrial Crimp Couplings
Internal Expansion Couplings
King Combination (KC) Nipples
Pin Lug Threaded Couplings

Couplings and Accessories:
Brass Ball Valves
Cam & Groove Couplings
Hose Clamps & Tools
Hose Nozzles
Hydrant Valves
Hydrant Adapters
Lever Valves
Piston Valves
Polypropylene Ball Valves
Quick Disconnect Couplings
Safety Bump Cam Lock Caps
Suction Hose Strainers
Wrenches, Hydrant / Spanner