Cam Lock Safety Bump Hose CapSafety Bump cam lock caps and plugs have many benefits over standard cam lock caps and plugs. They feature a handle for the operator to lift from rather than pulling from the cam arm or the hose itself which can be awkward and slippery. They incorporate an over-sized body that protects the coupling from damage when it is dropped or knocked into. When the hose is dropped on the ground the Safety bump cap or plug makes contact rather than the hose coupling. This also protects the hose tray of a tank hauler as the plastic makes contact and not the metal coupling or loose cam arm. Safety Bumps cap off your hose assemblies just like a standard dust cap or plug to prevent leaks and drips when a hose is in transport or storage.

Safety Bump caps and plugs are available in blue (standard), white (food grade), or black (anti-static for fuel applications) in sizes 2, 3, and 4 inch.

An optional safety locking clip snaps around closed cam arms to prevent them from being accidentally opened during service (red accessory in above photo)

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Aluminum Cam Lock Cap with Built-in Handle
Aluminum caps and plugs are also available – 3″ & 4″ sizes only


WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. Visit for additional information.