Duct hose products are lightweight highly flexible hoses typically built on a spring wire for light-weight and highly flexible design.  Capital Rubber duct hose products are ideal for a variety of applications in air & dust control, leaf & mulch, manufacturing, and more.  High temperature duct, high-abrasion resistance duct, and many custom materials and sizes are available. The duct hose products below are shown by application and may contain multiple hose styles. Inquire for details on our complete product offering.

Duct Hose Products

Garage Exhaust Crush-proof Hose

General Purpose Duct Hose styles

Lawn and Leaf Duct / Blower Hose

PVC Duct Hose with spring-wire

Ventilation Blower Duct Hose

Wood Dust Collection Hose


We can supply PTFE Duct Hose including wire reinforced (stainless or galvanized) and PTFE reinforced for up to +600 deg F and chemically aggressive applications, up to 12 inch diameter. PTFE Ducting complies with FM 4910, ASTM E84, UBC 8-1, and UL 723 – Contact Us