Tubing products are non-reinforced, typically small diameter, hoses and can vary in materials from high performance to economical. Tubing can be beneficial on lines where high purity or chemical resistance is required. The Capital Rubber tubing line includes standard rubber and thermoplastic elastomers as well as highly customizeable options.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene Tubing Colors

Standard Tubing Products

8001 – Clear PVC Tubing

8601 – Clear Braided PVC Tubing

8902 – Spring Wire Reinforced PVC Tubing

SIL – Silicone Hose and Tubing Products

Additional standard tubing products include:

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Braided Tubing

Polyurethane (ether and ester based) Braided and Standard Tubing

LDPE, HPDE, Nylon, and Urethane Tubing & Push-In Coupling Systems

Custom Tubing Products

Tubing can be manufactured in volume to meet specific OEM applications. From custom durometer, color, wall thickness and more, we can help you design the right tubing product. We have rubber, thermoplastic, and plastic tubing options as well as a wealth of information and experience in the tubing selection process. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the right standard tubing or designing the best custom tubing for your application.