Hose safety products can significantly reduce the risk of injury and damage to equipment, as well as contain hazardous spills. Capital Rubber Safety Products on this page were selected specifically because they increase safety and greatly reduce potential hazards during hose connection and operation. These safety products can keep the workplace significantly more safe, and may fulfill safety standards from regulating agencies. Installing hose safety products is the first step towards risk reduction, but operator education is also imperative. Please contact us for proper product selection, installation, and use.

Hose Safety Whip CheckHose Safety Restraint Products

Hose Safety Whip Checks
Hose Safety Cable Chokers

Nylon Hose Safety Restraints
Whip Stop Safety Restraints


Dry Break CouplingDry Break & Safety Coupling Products

Safety Break-Away Couplings
Dry Disconnect Bayonet Couplings
Dry Break Cam & Groove Couplings
Dry Disconnect Mann Tek Couplings
EZLink™ Cam & Groove
Vent Lock™ Cam & Groove

Air Hose Check Valve Pneumatic Products

Safety Check Valves
Locking Universal Hose Couplings

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