Capital Rubber Suction Hose Products are offered in a variety of materials for a number of applications.  All types are designed with a spiral reinforcement of plastic or metal designed to hold its shape under negative pressure. The Suction Hose products listed here are for general service applications with features including clear-walled PVC hose to wire reinforced rubber hose, FDA grade to chemical resistant.  Please also see Oil Transfer Hose for additional suction hose options.

PVC Suction Hose Product Menu:

7901 – PVC Pump Suction Hose (green)

7903 – Clear Corrugated PVC Suction Hose

7909 – Low-Temp Clear PVC Suction Hose

7909B – Low-Temp Visi-Blue PVC Suction Hose

7910 – Bumble Bee Crush-Resistant Vacuum Hose

7910S – Lightweight Crush-Resistant Vacuum Hose

7962 – Clear Braid Orange PVC Suction Hose

Also see our PVC and Urethane Duct Hose Products for dry vacuum applications

Rubber Suction Hose Product Menu:

9901 – Rubber Water Suction Hose

9903 – Rubber Vacuum Hose – Corrugated Cover

9904 – WeatherFlex EPDM Suction Hose

9906 – Rubber Vacuum Hose – Smooth Cover

9914 – WeatherFlex Ultra EPDM Suction Hose

9924 – WireFlex Ultra EPDM Suction Hose

7395 – E-Z Form GS Hose

Also see the following specialty hoses for additional suction hose products:

2902C – HiFlex UHMW Chemical Transfer Hose
2909C – HiFlex XLPE Chemical Transfer Hose
2922 – Composite Hose Assemblies

Suction Hose Product Guide