Crush-Resistant Vacuum HoseType 7910S Lightweight Crush-Resistant Vacuum Hose is similar to the bumble bee vacuum hose, with a flat interlock design. The exterior ribs are squared off creating a flat smoother exterior that slides easily across pavement and truck beds. Our crush-resistant polyethylene vacuum hose is very lightweight yet capable of full vacuum. 7910S Series crush-resistant vacuum hose is suitable for moderate service in liquid waste hauling, cleaning, portable restroom service, and general water pumping applications.

This hose is currently available with a GREEN helix only. 

Sizes: 1½”, 2″, 3″, 4″
Tube: Interlocked Polyethylene
Reinforcement: The hose wall acts as the reinforcement
Cover: Square Corrugation Polyethylene
Temperature: -40 to +160 degrees F

7910SQ PDF Specification Page