The products shown below are designed and approved for compressed air service. Our Air Coupling products include hose couplings, adapters, clamps and accessories. Many of these products are also acceptable for alternate applications including fluid service. Capital Rubber can help you to build and maintain a safe hose system that meets your application needs. Always ensure that hose, couplings, clamps, and all accessories are approved for air service and meet or exceed your operating pressure.

Air Couplings & Accessories

Hose Connections:

Boss Ground Joint Hose Coupling
Boss Ground Joint Couplings Bowes Interchange Couplings


Chicago Universal Coupling
Thor Interchange Couplings Universal “Chicago” Couplings


            Locking Universal Hose Couplings

Couplings and Accessories:
Brass Ball Valves

Hose Clamps (various styles)
Center Punch Clamps
Hose Reels (auto and manual)
Hose Safety Whip Checks
Nylon Hose Safety Restraints
Pneumatic In Line Lubricator
Filter Regulator & Lubricator Systems (FRL)
Quick Disconnect Couplings
Safety Check Valves