Discharge Hose

Our discharge hose and assemblies are depended on in the most rigorous pump and agricultural applications. Discharge hose products range from lightweight economical PVC to heavy duty, reinforced rubber, in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

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Suction Hose

Our Suction Hose products range from light weight PVC hose to durable wire-reinforced rubber hose, all are designed to maintain negative pressures up to full vacuum. Custom lengths and configurations are our specialty at Capital Rubber.

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Rubber Sheet & Gaskets

Capital Rubber offers many types of rubber and sponge sheet material in a variety of grades, thicknesses and durometers. Our sheet rubber can meet your specific ASTM or Mil Spec codes, and can be custom cut or slit. Custom designed gaskets and seals include extrusions, channels, & profiles in a variety of high performance elastomers.

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Oil Transfer Hose

Our Oil Transfer Hose products are designed to withstand high-performance oils, fuels and petrochemicals. Offered in a range of styles for tank truck and ship-to-shore, including hose products for new applications with high aromatic content, alternative green fuels (B20, B50, B100) and DEF.

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Air & Water Hose

Our air and water hose products are engineered for water or pneumatic supply on job sites, plants, and industrial applications. Air hose styles include jack hammer hose, bull air hose assemblies, and more. Water hose types include premium rubber water supply hose, pressure washer hose, drain cleaning hose and more.

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Couplings & Accesories

Capital Rubber offers a wide variety of high quality industrial hose couplings, valves and accessories designed for safe reliable service. Our couplings are categorized by application including air, water, or petroleum service. From cam lock couplings to hose safety products, we can provide the right hose couplings for your application.

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Specialty Hose

Special application hoses are designed for specific rigorous applications where a standard hose design would be unsafe and not suitable. We offer specialty hoses for steam, concrete and plaster pumping, sand blast, chemical, and food transfer. Custom designed and hand-built hose are available for especially demanding applications.

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About Us

Capital Rubber - Coupling Quality and Service since 1975

Capital Rubber is a versatile fabricator of rubber & plastic hose assemblies, tubing, custom gaskets & extrusions. We distribute a carefully selected line of couplings, valves, clamps and accessories, and have developed our own line of hose safety products. Since 1975 we have served the OEM, construction & industrial supply markets with pride. Please visit our product pages to view our most popular rubber and plastic hose types and rubber sheet materials.  Most hose products are offered in bulk or cut and coupled to meet your exact requirements.

Capital Rubber is dedicated to coupling quality products with excellence in customer service. We invite you to contact us to discuss which product types and features are right for your specific applications. Not all products that we offer  are profiled on this site.  Remember: Hose and rubber product safety begins with product selection, but carries on to installation and maintenance. Refer to our hose safety products and blog posts, and ensure that all components in a system meet the required use and operating pressure and temperature ratings required.

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