Hobble Clamps and Anchor Flange Eyes

Hose restraints cover a wide range of types and components. A few that we often need to help clarify are Hobble Clamps and Anchor or Flange Eye plates. These are designed to work with a system, not as a stand alone product.  Hobble Clamps can be used to shackle a Whip Stop, or as the… Read more »

Large Diameter Hose Crimping

– We can now crimp up to 10 inch diameter hose assemblies in house –   Crimped Hose Assemblies offer professional, reliable, precisely installed hose couplings time and time again.  Bolt clamped couplings are bulky and require re-torquing which adds potential for operator error. A crimped large diameter hose improves working pressure ratings and reduces… Read more »

Air Hose Safety

Pneumatic tool supply hose, or Jackhammer Hose, can add risk of hazards and injury to the job site. An unchecked out of control hose can be dangerous to the operator and to bystanders alike. A hose coupling blow-out can become a deadly projectile. Luckily there are a number of safety products available to help to… Read more »

Unconventional Uses of Conveyor Belting

  Conveyor Belting can become sheet rubber for gaskets, rubber bumper guards and edging, and even short large diameter hose.  When we need to quote a sheet rubber application, we go to our sheet rubber and gasket material product lines. If we cannot find the right solution there, a little ingenuity and industry experience allows… Read more »

Rubber Hose and Gasket Types Explained

There are many types of rubber used in industrial hose and gasket sheeting. Some that appear to be the same side-by-side may differ greatly in cost and performance. Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyl, Gum rubber, with so many choices and some going by multiple names, we aim to explain the options and the applications for which they… Read more »

Hose Safety Whip Restraints

Hose safety whip restraint products drastically reduce the risk of damage and serious injury should a hose become disconnected under pressure. A correctly installed safety device will hold the hose in-check until pressure can be relieved and can also contain hazardous spills. An unchecked pressurized hose can be deadly, even at moderate pressure. There are… Read more »

Barbara Feldman: A career custom designed

  Earlier this year Capital Rubber lost our founder and leader Barbara Feldman. Since the company’s founding in 1975, she took great pride in relationships and providing service and solutions. The office was always brighter, (and just a bit more loud) whenever she was here. Anyone who called in for a quick question would find… Read more »

Pump discharge hose assembly considerations

Discharge hose is often considered to be a relatively inexpensive necessity in a pump installation or long term pump rental. In comparison to the cost of equipment, hose may not be of high expense, but it can erode potential profit when incorrectly estimated. It can also be the cause of downtime, poor performance, and frustration… Read more »

Lay-Flat Discharge Hose Dimensions

Lay-flat discharge hose is measured like most other industrial rubber and plastic hoses, by it’s inside diameter.  Lay-flat hose differs however by its capability to flatten when at rest or coiled tightly.  Often times, we receive requests for odd hose sizes because an end user is measuring the hose at rest, across its width.  When… Read more »