Hobble Clamps and Anchor Flange Eyes

Hose restraints cover a wide range of types and components. A few that we often need to help clarify are Hobble Clamps and Anchor or Flange Eye plates.

These are designed to work with a system, not as a stand alone product.  Hobble Clamps can be used to shackle a Whip Stop, or as the hose clamp portion of a Hobble to Hobble Restraint System (or hobble to flange eye).  They are offered in 2-bolt style and 4-bolt style which has a higher breaking strength.  They also can be single eye (the hole drilled to the side of the bolts) or double eye. So there are 4 configurations, 2-bolt single eye, 2-bolt double eye, 4-bolt single eye, and 4-bolt double eye.  The photo below is a 2-Bolt Double Eye Hobble Clamp. The two plates that make up the clamp can be rotated and mounted in two ways. A hinged version can also be offered for hose that needs to be removed from its clamp often.


Hose hobble clamp As shown, there are two eyes that can accommodate the two shackles often used on a Whip Stop restraint. If one clamp plate is rotated 180 degrees, the holes are aligned, and a single chain or cable can be installed through both clamp halves.  A Hobble Clamp can also be installed to piping or equipment to create a restraining point.  Or, an anchor plate can be mounted for a sleek secure restraining point.

The Anchor or Flange plate can be used in 2 ways. It can be welded directly to equipment or framing in order to have a permanent secure anchor point for a shackle or hook. It can also slip through a bolt on a flange to add a restraining point directly in line from the hose connection to the hose. (A longer flange bolt may be needed in order to accommodate the additional width).

Hose Restraint Flange Anchor Adapter

The photo below shows an anchor plate welded to the right of the hose connection, directly on the equipment framing.

  • Always ensure that the device is restrained to something with an equal or greater static load rating, or the entire device can detach in a hose failure event.
  • Always contact us if you are unsure of an installation or product selection.