Barbara Feldman: A career custom designed

  Earlier this year Capital Rubber lost our founder and leader Barbara Feldman. Since the company’s founding in 1975, she took great pride in relationships and providing service and solutions. The office was always brighter, (and just a bit more loud) whenever she was here. Anyone who called in for a quick question would find… Read more »

Pump discharge hose assembly considerations

Discharge hose is often considered to be a relatively inexpensive necessity in a pump installation or long term pump rental. In comparison to the cost of equipment, hose may not be of high expense, but it can erode potential profit when incorrectly estimated. It can also be the cause of downtime, poor performance, and frustration… Read more »

Air Hose Safety

Pneumatic tool supply hose, or Jackhammer Hose, can add risk of hazards and injury to the job site. An unchecked out of control hose can be dangerous to the operator and to bystanders alike. A hose coupling blow-out can become a deadly projectile. Luckily there are a number of safety products available to help to… Read more »

Silica Dust Suppression Jackhammer Hose For New OSHA Regulations

A new hose and new awareness for a hazardous issue, respirable crystalline silica: In an effort to protect against worker inhalation of harmful crystalline silica, new regulations have been set by OSHA. Jackhammer and other breaker tool applications are covered by the construction industry compliance regulation 29 CFR 1926.1153 with a start date of September… Read more »

Hose Sleeves: Abrasion, Fire, and Leak Protection for Hose

There are many reasons to install external hose sleeves or wraps on a hose assembly. There are also many types of products depending on the hose application and the type of protection needed. This post will review the different products from nylon sleeves to fire resistant tapes and more. Nylon Hose Protection Sleeves: The most widely… Read more »

Projects of Note

Over the years we have been a part of many projects, some nearby and some that span the globe. Why do companies choose to work with us time and time again? Capital Rubber strives to go beyond providing parts or assemblies by helping find solutions. We pride ourselves on selecting and designing products that will… Read more »

Innovation in Cam and Groove Couplings

Cam and groove couplings have served for years in liquid applications from bulk transport to pump suction and discharge with minimal change. A spring-loaded locking arm, new metal alloys, and some accessory items are the only real changes offered to the market over the past few decades. Now there are two innovations that improve safety by decreasing the… Read more »

Why Buy USA Made Hose Assemblies?

Buying USA made and fabricated hose assemblies can benefit your business: Support the US economy: Buying USA manufactured and assembled products supports not only the USA factories, but also the distributor and the suppliers of raw material, production equipment, supplies and packaging. Show your clients and your employees that your company is quality driven and… Read more »