Innovation in Cam and Groove Couplings

Cam and groove couplings have served for years in liquid applications from bulk transport to pump suction and discharge with minimal change. A spring-loaded locking arm, new metal alloys, and some accessory items are the only real changes offered to the market over the past few decades. Now there are two innovations that improve safety by decreasing the… Read more »

Why Buy USA Made Hose Assemblies?

Buying USA made and fabricated hose assemblies can benefit your business: Support the US economy: Buying USA manufactured and assembled products supports not only the USA factories, but also the distributor and the suppliers of raw material, production equipment, supplies and packaging. Show your clients and your employees that your company is quality driven and… Read more »

Hose for Ski Press Bladders

While our hose products are not specifically designed for, and are not factory approved for this, one of our hoses in particular found an unexpected cult following. Every so often we get an inquires for short lengths of lay-flat hose for use in ski press bladders. Traditionally used fire hose was utilized for this but… Read more »