Innovation in Cam and Groove Couplings

Cam and groove couplings have served for years in liquid applications from bulk transport to pump suction and discharge with minimal change. A spring-loaded locking arm, new metal alloys, and some accessory items are the only real changes offered to the market over the past few decades. Now there are two innovations that improve safety by decreasing the risk of accidental disconnection and disconnection under pressure.

EZLink™ from Dixon Valve & Coupling replaces the traditional cam arm with two spring-loaded tabs that allow for a push-to-connect closure. To open, the operator depresses each tab, releasing the coupler from the cam adapter.  The tab however will not disconnect if the line pressure is greater than 20 PSI. The EZLink™ cam and groove system decreases the chance of disconnection caused by vibration or bouncing of the hose system.  Eliminating the cam arms also greatly reduces the possibility of a cam coupling breaking in the field or in transport, and takes away the opportunity for a hose to be dragged by its cam arm. It also reduces cost vs a locking arms style cam lock coupling.  EZLink™ features a redesigned bellows style cam gasket with low compression-set.  This innovation allows for a secure and tight seal even after opening and closing time and time again.  The EZLink™ female cam coupling will mate with any standard male adapter, so your new hose assemblies and equipment will mate with older, rental, or client equipment without issue. Additionally, EZLink™ cam lock couplings now carry a limited lifetime factory warranty on cam tabs, pins, and springs. (limited to proper use and application).

Vent Lock and EZLink Cam Lock Couplings
also by Dixon Valve & Coupling blocks the adapter from releasing from the cam until a 90 degree turn is made. A built-in swivel allows the hose to be turned more easily.  This reduces the chance of dangerous blow back if the cam arms are released under pressure. It will also contain spills.  After pressure dissipates, the hose assembly is turned allowing the male adapter to pass through a slot on the female cam coupling.  The Vent-Lock™ cam and groove coupling system includes spring-loaded locking cam arms, ensuring that the coupling set will not come apart due to vibration or accident.  Unlike the EZLink™, the Vent-Lock™ system requires a matched male and female coupling in order to connect.  This however may be of value to safety managers who wish to cease the use of standard cam and groove once their plant or equipment is changed over, as the coupling types will not physically connect.

See the videos depicting connection of each system at their product pages:

Vent Lock, and EZLink

Contact us for further details on either of these systems, and see our hose safety product pages for hose restraints and more.

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