Special application hoses are designed specifically for rigorous applications where standard hose designs are not suitable. Capital Rubber offers specialty hoses for steam, concrete and plaster pumping, sand blasting, chemical, food & beverage, and more. Additionally, custom designed and hand-built hose in rubber are available for especially demanding applications. Hand-built hoses can incorporate build-in end fittings for superior retention. Never use a hose to convey a material for which it is not designed or approved.

Special Application Hose Product Menu:

2902C – HiFlex UHMW Chemical Transfer Hose

2909C – HiFlex XLPE Chemical Transfer Hose

2922 – Composite Hose Assemblies

4901 – Food and Sanitary Transfer Hose

4962 – Braided Urethane FDA Material Suction Hose

5601 – Sandblast Hose

5800 – Elephant Trunk Discharge Hose

5801 – Dry Bulk Cement Discharge Hose

5809 – Concrete Plaster Grout Hose

5903 – Bulk Material Handling Hose

5906 – Hot Air Blower Hose

6908 – Hot Tar & Asphalt Hose

8702 – Steam Transfer Hose

Bulk Material and Dock Loading Hose Assemblies

Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies

Furnace Door Hose

SIL – Silicone Hose Products