Hose for Ski Press Bladders

Red PVC Discharge HoseWhile our hose products are not specifically designed for, and are not factory approved for this, one of our hoses in particular found an unexpected cult following. Every so often we get an inquires for short lengths of lay-flat hose for use in ski press bladders. Traditionally used fire hose was utilized for this but our 7801R HD PVC Discharge hose in 6 inch diameter has been a popular inexpensive product to meet this need. We have even seen ski-makers rave in forums and refer friends our way due to the lower cost and high quality of our layflat hose products.

6 inch lay-flat hose measures 9-3/4 inches across when flat, and 4 inch hose measures 6-3/4 inches when flat.

What makes this an even better fit for ski press use is that we often end up with short remnant lengths during our assembly fabrication. Because these remnants cannot be sold as standard hose assemblies, we are happy to sell them at a discount. So if you need a short length of hose, give us a call (or email inquiry). We are centrally located and can often ship these out same day.

These photos were sent to us after a successful school project at Gunnison High School, Gunnison, CO