Barbara Feldman: A career custom designed


Summer Blossoms at Capital Rubber

Earlier this year Capital Rubber lost our founder and leader Barbara Feldman. Since the company’s founding in 1975, she took great pride in relationships and providing service and solutions. The office was always brighter, (and just a bit more loud) whenever she was here. Anyone who called in for a quick question would find themselves discussing family, summer travel, or where they are spending the holidays. She took little interest in retirement, preferring to manage her long time accounts and cheer us on the company’s good fortune and growth.

While it was rubber and plastic that she crafted into a successful career, her study was originally in interior design. We can see her personal style and touch in our office every day, from the custom paint and furniture to the window that she had cut into the side of the building. Its a bit quieter here in Bensenville these days but the sun is shining and the flowers are beginning to blossom. We gained our experience and grew together, and will continue to bring her spirit to the way we do business. Her near 50 years of industry experience is secondary to what will be missed most, her spirit. We appreciate your support and look forward to working together in better times to come.

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Bryan Feldman