Hose Sleeves: Abrasion, Fire, and Leak Protection for Hose

Nylon Hose Protection Sleeve

There are many reasons to install external hose sleeves or wraps on a hose assembly. There are also many types of products depending on the hose application and the type of protection needed. This post will review the different products from nylon sleeves to fire resistant tapes and more.

Nylon Hose Protection Sleeves: The most widely used and least expensive product can also prevent injuries and time consuming cleanup. Nylon hose sleeves simply slide over the cover of a hose and are held in place using hose clamps or plastic ties (as shown). They are often installed as an extra layer of protection to weathering and general wear, but are also designed to minimize spray and absorb and divert leaks from a ruptured hose. The nylon sleeve will not stop a leak, but it will stop it from traveling a great distance. Fluid will saturate the nylon sleeve and then drip downward rather than spraying outward. This can reduce the chance of injury from any hot oils or chemicals conveyed. Nylon hose protection sleeves are MSHA approved.

Fire Jackets and Tape:  Fire protection sleeves and tapes are designed to protect hose assemblies used in an environment where they could be exposed to molten splashes or extreme heat. Fire sleeve can handle intermittent temperature up to 500 degrees. Fire tape can be used to seal the ends of the fire jacket to the hose, or to wrap a specific area of a hose assembly that requires protection. These products not only protect the hose from external heat but also prevent the media within the hose from overheating caused by the external environment. Hose fire jackets are non-asbestos and UL94 listed.

Spiral Guard Hose Protectors:  These products are designed to wrap around a hose or a specific section of a hose and protect it from external abrasion. They can also be used to wrap several lengths of hose to one another, containing while protecting the entire group of hose assemblies. Spiral guard hose protection comes in standard and a flame retardant material which is MSHA approved.

Fiberglass and Kevlar® Hose Sleeves: When none of the above products are suitable, 1000 deg F rated fiberglass and highly puncture resistant Kevlar® hose sleeves are also available. These premium grade products are designed for extreme service. Specific application details should be reviewed to see if these are suitable to protect hoses in extreme temperature or highly abrasive installations.


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