Hobble Clamp Hose Restraints

Hobble Clamp Hose Restraints

Hobble Clamp Hose Restraints minimize the hazards of a high pressure hose failure in severe applications including off-shore oil and gas service. These heavy duty restraints acts like hand-cuffs for hose systems and 1502 piping, securing an assembly to a mating pipe, an anchor point, or to a flange bolt. Even during a coupling failure the hose will be held in check, containing spills and blowback.

Utilizing a 2-bolt or 4-bolt hobble clamp and steel cable or chain, Hobble Clamp Hose Restraints are easily customized to fit your hose and installation challenges. Hobble Clamps are made from electrostatically plated carbon steel. We can provide hobble clamps of varying sizes for connecting a hose to pipe or for where hose with protective sleeving increases its outside diameter. Our Flange-Eye anchor plate (see photo below) allows the hobble restraint to be bolted directly to a mating flange or welded point, for a streamlined and secure installation. Hobble Clamp Anchor Restraints utilize a hobble clamp for the hose side and an anchor plate for the mating side,


  • Always ensure that the device is restrained to something with an equal or greater static load rating, or the entire device can detach in a hose failure event.


Hinged hobble clamps are optional for applications where the hose needs to be more easily removed from the restraint. Double-eye hobble clamps offer versatile installation options as they can be used with Whip Stop Restraint Systems as well as Hobble Clamp Hose Restraints. Double Eye clamps can be lined up with the eye of each clamp half in-line, or rotated 180 degrees to expose the second shackle point. Hobble clamps (the red portion in the assembly) may be purchased separately to be used for unique applications, as replacements, or to secure our Whip Stop Hose Restraint products.


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Hobble Clamp Size and Style Chart

Flange-Eye anchor plates secure hobble clamp restraints directly to a flange or weld anchor point.