Green PVC Suction HoseType 7901 Green PVC Pump Suction Hose is a durable PVC hose designed for water suction and transfer applications. This hose is commonly installed as contractor pump suction and for agricultural water and light chemical service. It is designed for long service life in equipment rental with a smooth interior and exterior and a full vacuum rating (at ambient temperature). This hose can also be use as a rigid discharge hose where a lay-flat is not desired.

PVC suction hose is available in a broad range of sizes and configurations. A corrugated cover, clear wall, and a gray color are available in select popular sizes. An FDA rated grade clear version is also available. While type 7901 suction hose is suitable for many light chemical solutions, consult customer service for chemical compatibility information.

Shown with optional cam lock quick connect coupling, bulk hose and other coupling configurations available

Also available in a reformulated low-temperature clear version –  Type 7909

Sizes: 3/4″ – 12″ ID
Tube: Smooth PVC
Reinforcement: Rigid PVC Helix
Cover:  Smooth PVC
Temperature: -10 to +130 degrees F

7901 PDF Specification Page


7901-100 1″ 90 0.28
7901-125 1-1/4″ 90 0.36
7901-150 1-1/2″ 90 0.48
7901-200 2″ 70 0.67
7901-250 2-1/2″ 65 0.94
7901-300 3″ 55 1.20
7901-400 4″ 50 1.90
7901-600 6″ 45 4.60
7901-800 8″ 40 7.10

PSI rating is at ambient temperature. Max PSI may decrease in certain applications

 SIZE MXF Assembly Cam Lock Assembly  Ball / Socket Assembly
1-1/2″ 7901-150X20MF 7901-150X20CE NA
2″ 7901-2X20MF 7901-2X20CE 7901-2X20BS
2-1/2″ 7901-250X20MF 7901-250X20CE NA
3″ 7901-3X20MF 7901-3X20CE 7901-3X20BS
4″ 7901-4X20MF 7901-4X20CE 7901-4X20BS
6″ 7901-6X20MF 7901-6X20CE 7901-6X20BS
8″ NA 7901-8X20CE 7901-8X20BS

Assemblies listed above are 20 FT. Other lengths available up to 100 ft max. Additional sizes available
MXF assemblies are aluminum with brass swivel, NPSH thread. Steel shank with brass or iron swivel available
Cam coupling is aluminum (additional materials available), ball and socket is galvanized steel

For female cam X plated steel male NPT replace ‘CE’ with ‘CN’
For male ball/socket X male NPT, replace ‘BS’ with ‘BN’