Suction Pump Hose Strainers - Round, Square, and Skimmer Types

Suction hose strainers protect pumps and prevent blockages inside the pump intake hose. Styles include round hole basket style, square hole basket style, skimmer style with top or bottom holes, and more. Basket strainers can be ordered with different hole diameters to accommodate many different pump requirements. Also use as a trap to keep pests and debris out of pipe systems.

  • From 1-1/2″ to 8″ Female NPT inlet size
  • Plated Steel prevents rust and wear
  • Multiple hole diameters available
  • NST/NH Fire Thread available
  • Stainless Steel available in most sizes and styles
  • Foot valve type strainers are also available (one way valve keeps pumps primed)


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Polyethylene Strainers (size range 1-1/2″ – 3″)
Polyethylene Hose Strainer






Larger Hole Dimension strainer (sizes vary)
Large Hole Suction Hose Strainer


Cam Plate Strainer -Aluminum & 304 SS- (sizes 2″ – 3″ – 4″)

Cam Lock Coupling plate strainer






WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. Visit for additional information.
  • Per Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) use Lead free parts in all consumable water applications.  Lead free refers to the wetted surface of pipes, fittings and fixtures in potable water systems that have a weighted average lead content = 0.25%. Source: California Health & Safety Code (116875). Vermont Act 193*171NLF
    Please contact us for a limited assortment of lead-free products