Ball and Socket Hose Coupling - Bauer TypeBall & Socket Style Couplings are a convenient method for connecting large diameter fluid suction and discharge hose assemblies to pumps and pipe systems. The male ball coupling mates to the socket coupling by an oversized single lever closure. A gasket in the female socket allows proper seating. These couplings can be connected at a slight angle which makes precision in lining up hoses less necessary. A safety pin prevents accidental disconnection during use. Ball and Socket couplings are best suited for outdoor low pressure agricultural and construction applications. Do not use where minor spills or leaks would be hazardous.

  • Sizes from 2″ Through 12″
  • Not for Compressed Air / Gas or Hazardous Chemical Applications
  • Galvanized Steel (Standard), Stainless and Aluminum Available (Select Sizes)

Ball and socket coupling styles available:

  • Hose Couplings
  • Male NPT Couplings
  • Increaser/ Reducer Couplings
  • Flanged Couplings (150# ASA)
  • 90 and 45 Degree Elbows
  • Weld Couplings
  • Plugs and Caps

Ball & Socket PDF Specification Page

Note: If connecting to an existing 10 or 12 inch system, advise if the lever is on the ball or the socket side, as the two styles will not interchange.  Our standard 10 and 12 inch interchange with Agri-Lok type couplings with the lever on the female socket side (reverse of the photo shown on this page).  12 inch couplings include a separate lever assist bar, there is no fixed handle on the coupling.


Non-Compatible international coupling styles:

Perrot Coupling / Carden Coupling – lever loose on female side (gasket side), locking ring built into male.  Origin EU, Asia

Miller Coupling – lever fixed on female side (gasket side), locking ring loose around male.  Origin Australia, India, Asia

These couplings are not compatible please research if your existing couplings or equipment was imported. We do not offer these non compatible versions, they are only listed here for identification assistance.


WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. Visit for additional information.
  • Per Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) use Lead free parts in all consumable water applications.  Lead free refers to the wetted surface of pipes, fittings and fixtures in potable water systems that have a weighted average lead content = 0.25%. Source: California Health & Safety Code (116875). Vermont Act 193*171NLF
    Please contact us for a limited assortment of lead-free products