Discharge Hose Types by Category:

PVC Discharge Hose

7801 Blue PVC Discharge HoseTYPE 7801

Blue PVC Layflat

  • Coextruded Manufacturing Process – No Separate Tube and Cover
  • Economical & Durable Construction
  • Also Available in Gray
  • Broad Range of Sizes Available
Red PVC Discharge HoseTYPE 7801R


  • Coextruded Manufacturing Process – No Separate Tube and Cover
  • Nearly Twice Thickness of Standard 7801 Blue
  • 1-1/2″ to 8″ Size Range
  • Cam and Groove or Ball and Socket Assemblies Available
9821 Nitrile Rubber Discharge HoseTYPE 9821
Nitrile/PVC Blend
  • Blend of PVC and Nitrile rubber for a heavy duty versatile design
  • Available in Yellow or Black Cover
  • Higher Working Pressure Rating Than Most PVC Discharge Hoses
PVC discharge hoses offer economy and versatility. Use for pump rental discharge hose, general discharge from storage tanks or hydrant, pool discharge, agricultural use and more.

Mill Discharge and Fire Style Hose

Mill Discharge Hose AssemblyTYPE 3200
Single Jacket Mill Discharge Hose

  • Smooth Rubber Tube
  • Textile Jacket Reinforcement
  • Abrasion Resistant and Versatile
  • Available in double jacket

Double Jacket Hose AssemblyTYPE 3220
Double Jacket Mill Discharge Hose

  • Smooth Rubber Tube
  • Textile Jacket Reinforcement
  • Second Textile Jacket Cover
  • Available with Fire Style Expansion Couplings (as shown) and Industrial Style Couplings

Fire Hose vs. Mill Discharge Hose:

While mill hose is often referred to as fire hose, mill hose is typically made to a more economical standard and is not tested. Fire hose is actually manufactured, assembled, and tested at the fire hose factory and will have NFPA stamping on the lay line. Both are available in single and double jacket grades.

Rubber Discharge Hose

Rubber water discharge hose

TYPE 9801

Rubber Discharge Hose

  • Smooth Rubber Tube & Cover
  • Available in 2 Ply or 4 Ply Reinforced
  • Rugged and Durable Design
  • High Pressure and Temp Ratings

TYPE 5800
Elephant Trunk Hose

Elephant Trunk Discharge Hose
  • Gum Rubber Tube Capable of Abrasive and Dry Material Discharge
  • Large Diameter Sizes Available
  • Varying Thicknesses and Custom Made Options Available

Petroleum Product Discharge Hose
TYPE 6802
Oil Discharge Hose

  • Smooth Nitrile Rubber Tube and Cover
  • Copper Ground Wire Embedded in the Wall
  • Suitable for Most Petroleum & Oil Waste Discharge
  • Also see 6902HD 300 PSI Tank Truck Oil Suction Hose


Also see our Suction Hose Product Guide for a variety of hose capable of discharge service

Crimped hose assemblies

Coupling Options
All Hoses Shown can be cut and coupled into custom assemblies

Hose couplings types include: