Double Jacket Mill discharge hose with rocker lug couplingDouble Jacket Mill Hose is an extra heavy grade discharge / fire style hose for higher pressure applications and those requiring improved abrasion resistance. Mill discharge hose has a rubber tube with a woven textile jacket bonded to that tube. Double jacket type mill hose adds a second textile jacket for a longer lasting and higher pressure assembly. Use for heavy duty water pumping, fire hydrant supply, or flow testing applications. This hose rolls up flat for convenient storage and will not mildew. It can also be made with an abrasion resistant coating in a variety of colors for easy identification. Assembly styles include internally expanded fire style fittings (as shown) in brass or aluminum, or band clamped fittings such as cam and groove or pin-lug threaded hose couplings.

Assemblies are available with expanded rocker lug fittings (as shown) in brass or aluminum, or with band clamped ends. (See type 3200 single jacket mill hose photo)

Sizes: 1″ through 4″
Tube: Black rubber lining
Cover: White Polyester Woven jacket (over the first jacket)
Reinforcement: White Polyester Woven jacket (bonded to rubber tube)

Mill discharge hose does not have a listed temperature range, it is recommended for use at ambient temperatures only

Industrial type (band clamped) assemblies:

3220-150 1-1/2″ 300 0.29
3220-200 2″ 300 0.40
3220-250 2-1/2″ 300 0.50
3220-300 3″ 250 0.63
3220-400 4″ 250 0.76

PSI rating is at ambient temperature. Max PSI may decrease in certain applications

MXF Assembly NST MXF Assembly Cam Lock Assembly
3220-150X50MF 3220-150X50NST 3220-150X50CE
3220-2X50MF NA 3220-2X50CE
3220-250X50MF 3220-250X50NST 3220-250X50CE
3220-3X50MF NA 3220-3X50CE
3220-4X50MF NA 3220-4X50CE

MXF Assembly is aluminum with brass swivel standard. Steel shank with brass or iron swivel available.
Cam coupling is aluminum (additional materials available)

Contractors Style Banded Assembly PDF Page

Fire type (factory expanded) assemblies:

MXF Assembly NST MXF Assembly
3220-150X50MFRL 3220-150X50NSTRL
3220-2X50MFRL NA
3220-250X50MFRL 3220-250X50NSTRL
3220-3X50MFRL 3220-3X50-250NSTRL
3220-4X50MFRL 3200-4X50NSTRL

Fire type couplings are rocker lug type, powder coated aluminum
Brass couplings and Storz couplings are also available (most sizes)
NST is also known as NH thread. Municipal thread patterns available by special order
3220-3X50-250NSTRL is 3″ hose with 2.5″ NST/NH thread

Fire Style Assembly PDF Page

Assemblies are not rated to hose pressure rating. A hose assembly pressure rating must take into consideration its lowest rated component and assembly method


WARNING: This product contains carbon black, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not use in connection with drinking water. Wash hands after handling. Visit for additional information.