Nylon Hose Protection SleeveNylon Hose Protection Sleeve can extend the service life of a hose assembly and reduce the risk of injury from a ruptured hose. The sleeve will reduce wear on the surface of the hose and protect the rubber from harmful rot and drying caused by weather and aging. Nylon hose sleeves also act as a barrier between the hose and its operator to minimize harmful spraying of the hose media should the hose rupture. The sleeve will not stop a leak, but it will significantly reduce spray back which can cause injury and costly and time consuming clean up. Nylon hose sleeves are MSHA approved and come in a variety of sizes. They can also be ordered in custom colors (minimums may apply).

Secure to the end of the hose assembly using zip ties or hose clamps (as shown)

Temperature range to + 275 Deg F

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WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. Visit www.P65warnings.ca.gov for additional information.