Air & Water Hose Types by Category:

Air Compressor Hose / Air Tool Hose

Rubber air Tool Hose AssembliesType 1502 Small Diameter Air Tool Hose Assemblies

Domestic EPDM Rubber

  • Domestic Manufacturing and 4X safety rating
  • Can handle oil misted air from lubricators
  • Can be assembled with a variety quick couplings, threaded couplings, bent stem swivels and more
  • Oil Resistant Grade Available – Type 1503

Jackhammer Hose AssembliesType 1502 Jackhammer Hose Assemblies

Domestic EPDM Rubber

  • Domestic Manufacturing and 4X safety rating
  • Available in 200 PSI band clamped and 300 PSI crimped assemblies with Chicago coupling, Thor type or Bowes type couplings.
  • 3/4″ Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green
  • 1″ Available in 200 or 300 PSI Red
Parker Grizzly Multipurpose Hose with Thor CouplingType 7107 Grizzly Multipurpose Hose
Nitrile/ non-conductive
  • 500 PSI Premium oil resistant non-conductive hose
  • MSHA approved safety yellow cover
  • Available as a whip-hose, assembly, or bulk spools (some sizes require full spool purchase)
Push Lock (Push-On) Hose

Type 1509 Push Lock Hose
300 PSI Versatile Hose

  • No clamp required when used with special push lock brass hose couplings
  • oil resistant and durable general purpose hose for a variety of applications
  • multiple colors available (some require full spool purchase)

Type 1801 Textile Braid / Type 1803 Wire Braid Bull HoseBull Air Hose with Crowsfoot FittingLarge Bore Air Compressor Hose

  • Heavy Grade Reinforced Rubber Hose
  • Capable of Handling Oil Misted Air
  • Wire (or Textile) Reinforcement, Kink Resistant
  • Assembled with Ground Joint or 4-Lug Couplings

Ground Joint Vs 4-Lug / Crowsfoot Couplings:

While it is common to find bull-air hose assemblled with 4-lug Chicago couplings(aka crows-foot couplings), the pressure rating for this type of coupling is 150 PSI. The ground joint coupling system is a safer option as it has a superior working pressure and offers a more secure threaded connection.

Water Hose Assemblies

Heavy Duty Rubber Water Hose AssemblyType 1522 Rubber Water Hose

EPDM Industrial Grade

  • 200 PSI domestic EPDM rubber hose – 4X burst rating
  • Available assembled with HD domestic brass couplings
  • Capable of air service when supplied in bulk or with air rated coupling installed
White Plant washdown hose

Type 4501 Creamery Washdown Hose

  • White non marking Cover (interior is black non FDA)
  • same interior and reinforcement as our durable 1522 EPDM water hose
  • Insulated trigger nozzles and other accessories for plant washdown are available

6000 PSI Pressure Washer Hose Assembly

Type 8030 Pressure Washer Hose

  • 3000 and 6000 PSI wire reinforced high pressure hose
  • Assembled with bend guards and crimped steel couplings (male X male swivel)
  • Wands, pressure tips, nozzles, and trigger guns available

While it is not recommended to use water hoses for air applications, our air hoses can handle most water applications. Additionally, our suction and discharge hoses for additional large bore water hose options.  Please contact us to discuss which hose is right for your application.

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Coupling Options
All Hoses Shown can be cut and coupled into custom assemblies

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