Gum Rubber SheetGum (natural) Rubber is a soft non-marking rubber sheet designed for high abrasion resistance and cushioning applications. Gum rubber is resilient with a higher tensile strength than most other synthetic non-reinforced rubber materials. It features high rebound elasticity and excellent tear and cut strength. Gum rubber makes an excellent chute lining for bulk material transfer, and is resistant to salts and mild acids. Not recommended for outdoor applications with ozone exposure, or in oily environments. Offered in 36 inch and 48 inch wide rolls, natural gum rubber can also be slit to width or custom cut to your specifications.

Gum products may be red or tan in color. Gum tubing and cord are also available.

Orange Natural Rubber Skirtboard is now available in 48 inch width rolls for a more economical option where pure gum is not required but added abrasion resistance and tensile strength is needed.

  • Standard Durometer:  40 +/- 5 (Shore A)
  • Color:  Tan or Red
  • Temperature:  -20 to + 160 Deg F
  • Tensile Strength:  2500 PSI
  • Elongation:  600 Percent


Thickness Part No Lin. Ft / Roll Lbs / Ft**
1/8” GUM-012-__ 50’ 2.06
3/16” GUM-018-__ 50’ 3.08
1/4” GUM-025-__ 50’ 4.10
3/8” GUM-038-__ 50’ 6.14
1/2” GUM-050-__ 25’ 8.20
3/4” GUM-075-__ 25’ 12.28
1” GUM-100-__ 25’ 16.40

*ADD TO PART NUMBER: -36 for 36 inch width, -48 for 48 inch width, or add a custom width in inches up to 48

**Weight is for 36 inch wide material.  For 48 inch wide, calculate weight per inch by dividing the listed weight by 36 and then multiply by 48.

Also refer to our durometer information and chart, note durometers listed on this page are Shore A


WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. Visit for additional information.