Boss Hose ClampBolted interlocking hose clamps, or Boss Clamps, are the most secure method for installing matched interlocking couplings such as ground joint type and Chicago type universal hose couplings. The top of the clamp has fingers that interlock with a ring on hose couplings designed for use with these clamps. This improves shank retention by pulling the hose coupling towards the hose. These clamps utilize 2, 4, or 6 bolts depending on hose diameter. The inside of the clamp plates have serrations that press into the cover of the hose for additional grip.

Hose can often change slightly in diameter over long term pressurization. Torque should be checked on these clamps as part of regular safety inspections (see chart)

  • Only pair with hose couplings that have a matching interlocking ring
  • The inside diameter listed must match the hose size, and the hose outside diameter must fall into the range listed. Do not select a clamp that does not match inside diameter of the hose in order to have it fall in the OD range or vice versa
  • U-bolt style interlocking clamps are also available in select sizes (bolts wrap around the clamp and nuts are aligned on same side)

See PDF Specification Page for Size RangesBoss bolted Interlock clamp specification sheet

Bolted Clamp Inspection Procedure:

Ensure that the clamp and coupling are designed to function together. Some couplings have retaining ridges that do not circle around the entire coupling. If the clamp has retaining fingers that do not line up with these ridges, the clamp will not engage with the coupling properly.

Do not replace bolts with standard bolts, these are designed to bend slightly upon installation.  Do not re-use bolts if they are no longer straight.  Check torque regularly to ensure that the coupling is safely installed.  Ensure that the bolts are on the right side of the clamp shell –  a tab on the shell lines up with the bolt-head to hold it in place.

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  • WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not use in connection with drinking water. Wash hands after handling. Visit for additional information.
  • Per Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) use Lead free parts in all consumable water applications.  Lead free refers to the wetted surface of pipes, fittings and fixtures in potable water systems that have a weighted average lead content = 0.25%. Source: California Health & Safety Code (116875). Vermont Act 193*171NLF