FKM Rubber Sheet
Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Type A Sheet is a premium grade elastomer designed with a high level (66%) of fluorine. This material is capable performing at high temperatures and with a variety of oils, gases and light chemicals (not compatible with flex-fuels containing high levels of alcohol or MTBE). It has excellent resistance to fungus, ozone, and corrosive environments. FKM material has excellent compression set even in extreme temperatures.

We can supply genuine Chemours™ premium Viton® elastomers including:

Viton®A, Viton® B, Viton® GF, Viton® Extreme, Viton® Blue FDA, and MIL-Spec grades (roll minimum may be required)

Standard Durometer: 75 +/- 5 (Shore A)
Color: Black
Temperature: -20 to + 450 Deg F (to 500 Degree in premium grades)
Tensile Strength: 1000 PSI
Elongation: 225 Percent

Part No*
Lin. Ft / Roll
Lbs / Ft**
1/16” FKMA-006-__ 51’ 2.43
1/8” FKMA-012-__ 51’ 4.84
3/16” FKMA-018-__ 51’ 7.28
1/4” FKMA-025-__ 51’ 9.69
3/8” FKMA-038-__ 27’ 13.74
1/2” FKMA-050-__ 27’ 18.30
*ADD TO PART NUMBER: -48 for 48 inch width, or add a custom width in inches up to 48
**Weight is for 48 inch wide material


WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. Visit for additional information.