Capital Rubber Corp offers a complete selection of hose couplings to build hose assemblies designed to meet your requirements or connect to your existing equipment and systems. All hose couplings shown can be factory installed to make a custom assembly and most are also sold in bulk for on-site installation or repair.

To design a safe hose assembly it is essential to verify the following:

  • The material of the coupling as well as all internal seals are compatible with the media conveyed and the external environment
  • The working pressure of the coupling and the means of attaching it to the hose (clamp, ferrule, etc) are suitable for the application
  • The attachment method of the hose coupling and the coupling connection are suitable for any end pull or tension on the hose assembly


Couplings for Air Hose Assemblies*

Bowes Interchange Couplings  
Ground Joint Interlock Couplings  
Quick Disconnect Couplings  
Thor Interchange Couplings  
Universal “Chicago” Couplings

Couplings for Water / Fluid Hose Assemblies

Ball & Socket Couplings
Cam & Groove Couplings
Industrial Crimp Couplings
Internal Expansion Couplings
King Combination (KC) Nipples
Pin Lug Threaded Couplings
Quick Disconnect Couplings

*Many air hose coupling types are also suitable for water / fluid service, please inquire.

Note: Always be sure to use the correct hose, couplings, and clamping systems designed for your application and pressure rating requirements.
Please contact us to determine which coupling style is appropriate and safe for your application.

Also see our Hose Clamp and Tool page for a variety of hose clamps to install many of these coupling types