Compressed non-asbestos sheetCompressed non-asbestos sheet is made from inorganic and aramid fibers with a Nitrile (NBR) binder. This material is capable performing at high temperatures and with a variety of oils, gases and light chemicals. Use can also reduce emissions compared with more permeable rubber gasket materials in applications where gases can escape into the atmosphere. It has excellent sealing properties and can also be ordered with Neoprene or EPDM binder for versatility in many applications. Non-asbestos sheet is designed to replace gaskets and seals that historically contained asbestos materials to meet the requirements of high performance gas and chemical applications.

We can supply brand and spec specific material as well as non-branded equivalents

Construction:  Aramid Fiber, Inorganic Fiber, Nitrile Binder
Color:  Blue or Green
Temperature:  Max to 430° F Constant, 720° F Intermittent*
Pressure X Temperature Max:  350,000 (1/8: 250,000)
Tensile Strength:  2400 PSI
Density:  1.6 g/cm2
ASTM F104 #: F711111B4E21M5

Thickness Part No** Sheet Width Sheet Lengths Lbs / 60” Sheet
1/64” CNAM-0015-_ 60” 60” 4
1/32” CNAM-003-__ 60” 60” 7
1/16” CNAM-006-__ 60” 60” & 120” 14
3/32” CNAM-009-__ 60” 60” 21
1/8” CNAM-125-__ 60” 60” & 120” 28

*Temperature effects pressure capability inversely. Thicker sheet materials will also perform best at lower max temperature under pressure.  Please see pressure X Temperature calculation above and contact us for further information on high temperature applications.

**Add sheet width to part number (ex: CNAM-003-060)


WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm. Visit for additional information.