Hose Pressure at Elevated Temperature

When a hose will be installed where the application involves elevated temperature, it is important to check the working pressure rating of the hose at that temperature.  The listed working pressure on a hose is based on normal operating conditions and temperature (65 – 75 degrees F).  Because rubber and plastics become softer at the high end of their… Read more »

Why Buy USA Made Hose Assemblies?

Buying USA made and fabricated hose assemblies can benefit your business: Support the US economy: Buying USA manufactured and assembled products supports not only the USA factories, but also the distributor and the suppliers of raw material, production equipment, supplies and packaging. Show your clients and your employees that your company is quality driven and… Read more »

Cause of Hose Failure

Do your hose assemblies fail prematurely or need constant repair? Many factors, some more obvious than others, may be the cause of a hose failure. To determine the cause of hose failure, several potential issues must be reviewed, including internal, external, and installation factors.  Here are some of the factors that can cause premature failure: Hose is… Read more »